This 3rd workshop-debate aims to propose pluralistic approaches in order to produce innovative development cooperation interventions. Within a complex context of globalized knowledge, the interest of crossing views, co-produce knowledge and make intervene international and multidisciplinary teams with complementary profiles, was proven. Through the construction of a participatory process, the aim is to promote the emergence of collective action that is both scientifically valid and socially acceptable.

In the frame of this meeting, we examine the following issues:

  • How to build up a collective approach able to combine rigorous procedures of knowledge production with local and rather experimental perspectives?
  • How to reconcile scientific methods and social practices?
  • How to make the most competitive experts dialogue with the most legitimate actors?


  • José Carlos SUAREZ HERRERA, Kedge Business School: “Organizational challenges associated with human cooperation: networks of actors, plural dynamics and innovative practices”
  • Mathilde DIOUDONNAT, Agency for sustainable and Mediterranean Cities and Territories, AViTeM: “The mobilization of actors in the territories trough transnational projects – an example of case study: the ELIH-Med project”
  • Marc LESCAUDRON, Prospective and Cooperation: “From concerted multi-actors programmes to bridges between academic and professional worlds: case studies and reflections”


  • Vincent WALLAERT, Agency for sustainable and Mediterranean Cities and Territories, AViTeM

Download the synthesis (in French)


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