Health mediation in priority districts of Marseilles (13 en santé)

During the Covid-19 crisis, some operators (the Santé Environnement Pour Tous (SEPT) association, and the CORHESAN project supported by the Marseille European Hospital and Prospective and Cooperation), institutions (ARS PACA, Public Health France) and a research structure (UMR1252 SESSTIM), have mobilized and distinguished by their health mediation and “going towards” actions. They are now joining forces within the “13 en [...]

Supporting the deconfinement of vulnerable homeless populations in Marseilles (COVIDep Homeless)

Isolated, deprived of access to free rest and cultural places, sanitary conditions deteriorated due to hygiene equipment closed, contaminated in accommodation centers where distances are difficult to respect... The health crisis has particularly impacted the homeless people. To measure this impact, the AP-HM in partnership with Médecins du Monde and the ASSAb coordination (Access to rights and care for homeless [...]

Citizen and solidarity mobilization to support Covid-19’s impacts in Marseilles (CORHESAN)


Support to the creation of an “SOS Mediterranean” European network

SOS MEDITERRANEE is an initiative of European citizens (Germany, France, Italy, Poland, Greece…) who mobilize skills in the maritime, humanitarian, medical, legal, research fields, and others. The association has set itself the mission of rescuing the migrants in distress and testifying about their situation. To this end, it sets up rescue vessels in order to operate on the various crossing […]

Mediterranean identities – Respect of multiple identities in the Mediterranean public space: north south crossed views on sexism and racism | Marseille – Rabat

Individual and collective multiple identities structure the relationships between people, groups and countries of the Mediterranean. These are a cultural, social, political and historical construction we contribute to, as citizens, members of associations, artists, researchers, teachers, pupils, students, and professionals of international cooperation. The contemporary stakes of globalization both threaten the Mediterranean cultural identity and promote cultural isolationism that disrupt the social [...]

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