Founded by researchers and professionals of development and cooperation in Europe, Africa, Asia and America, the organisation Prospective Cooperation aims to promote innovative policies and practices. The main objective of this initiative is to address development policies in reconfiguration in a world characterized by multi-polarization and the rise of operators and experts from the South.

Trough forums, it provides an opportunity to debate, share considerations and encourage multi-stakeholders to build bridges between:

  • academic researchers and development and cooperation practitioners
  • researchers coming from different fields
  • professionals from other structures involved at local, national or international levels
  • North and South

It provides a frame for action and allows standing back from public policies in order to create and propose alternatives. It gathers experts to conduct research, produce studies and meet clients and partners’ needs, according to the following lines:

Think Tank

sharing of experiences, conferences-debates, international seminars, studies, research, publication


Project approach, participation and mobilization, territorial economy and local development, social economy, cultural actions, interculturalism, geopolitics.

Support & Advice

funding mobilization and diversification, feasibility studies, methodological support, evaluation, capitalization

Education for development, citizenship and solidarity

Promote information sharing and awareness-raising campaigns

Its members come from reference institution located in 4 continents and specialized in development and cooperation. Prospective & Cooperation relies on the mobilisation of a multidisciplinary and plural network of the North and the South. Via this approach, this network of participants gathers a huge variety of expertise, skills and know-how which are complementary and allows to mobilize appropriate teams to meet the needs of research, support, advice or training of the developement and cooperation actors with flexibility and creativity under different formats.


It is independent of political parties and non-profit. Governance is cooperative.

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