This first workshop-debate questions as a whole the North-South relations and their influence on development cooperation policies. The starting point is how societies share their knowledge in the global context of exchange and transformation of the economic and political power of the last 30 years. The question is about considering globalization as a relational and reciprocal dynamic of knowledge transfer and not as an overhanging reality imposing itself unilaterally, “from the top” to the South’s societies.

In other words, we wonder here about “what happens” when development cooperation programmes, conceived ex ante in the North, meet the knowledge and solidarity networks in the receiving countries, in the South. This aims at identifying and characterizing the multiple implications of these “encounters” between models and development cooperation logics that are not the same.


  • José Carlos SUAREZ HERRERA (Kedge Business School) : “The societal challenges of policies’ globalization and knowledge in  development cooperation in health matters”
  • Vincent WALLAERT (Agency for sustainable Mediterranean Cities and Territories, AViTeM) : “The birth of the modern world (C. A. Bayly), remarks and analysis in the eyes of professional practice”
  • Benjamin BUCLET (IRD) : “For a redefinition of the North and South concepts, practical analysis of capacity strenghtening in the South by the North”


  • Marc LESCAUDRON (Prospective and Cooperation)

Download the synthesis (in French)


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