The Incubator of innovative research is an original programme set up at the initiative of the members of the organisation, on own funding, in order to meet the issues of freedom and flexibility of applied scientific research. It enjoys support, without time limit and without administrative restrictions, which allows it to better match with the objectives of independence and general interest, as each researcher involved in the programme can define it.

This way, the researcher who engages in the incubator is free to set his own framework. This is financed through services provided by the researcher for various partners, who then open a right to withdraw on the amounts invoiced until they are gone.

Today, thanks to this technique, it is possible to finance the following works, divided into 3 main focus:

Health and social protection

Fight against cholera

Incubator of Ideas in the fight against cholera

  • Research director: Dr Sandra Moore

Incubator of ideas to fight against cholera

  • Research directors : Pr Renaud Piarroux, Professor of Parasitology and Mycology at the AMU and Head of the Laboratory of Parasitology and Mycology of the AP-HM, Dr Stanislas Rebaudet, Tropical Infectious Diseases Specialist, Assistance Publique – Hôpitaux de Marseille (AP-HM) and Dr Pierre Gazin, parasitologist, researcher at the IRD.

Fight against malaria

Incubator of ideas in the fight against malaria South Africa

  • Research director: Pr Jean Gaudart

Incubator of ideas in the fight against malaria in Mali and South Africa

  • Research directors: Pr Jean Gaudart, Dr Jordi Landier, Dr Karim Bendiane
  • The aim is to analyze the spatial and temporal dynamics of malaria, in particular the impact of asymptomatic carriage of the parasite as a reservoir. The importance of environmental factors as well as the behaviours of people and social organizations are fundamental elements modulating the dynamics of malaria. This transdisciplinary research is carried out in collaboration with research teams from Mali (MRTC, University of Technical Sciences and Technologies of Bamako), Senegalese (UCAD and IRD Dakar) and South Africa (University of Pretoria, ISMC).

Incubator of ideas to fight against malaria

Access to quality mental health

Incubator of ideas in supporting access to quality mental health

  • Exploratory mission to develop a 3-year training plan for nursing staff at the Neuro Psychiatric Center in Nouakchott
  • Research director : Dr Monique D’Amore and Dr Marie Lépine

Human rights and citizenship

Human rights

Incubator of ideas about Human Rights

  • Research director: Marc Lescaudron


Incubator of ideas on migration issues

  • Research director : Virginie Baby-Collin

Environment and ecological transition

Urban ecology and sustainable cities

Incunator of ideas on urban ecology

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