“The CIDR and its partners in West Africa, APME2A in Burkina Faso, ETD in Togo and Benin, ICD in Mali, have supported the creation of about 40 small-scale agri-food enterprises in relation to small family farmers.

These companies are owned and governed jointly by employees, producers and NAOs. Each year, they sign production contracts with small farmers on the rice, soy and milk sectors. They buy agricultural produces, process it and sell it to local markets.

In 2013, in order to improve their impact assessment methodology, CIDR and its partners launched a study to help them set up a mechanism to monitor the impact of these companies ‘activities on producers’ incomes and improving their standard of living.

This study was coordinated by Prospective and Cooperation, in collaboration with 4 universities of Benin (UAC), Burkina Faso (UPB / IDG), Mali (IPR / IFRA) and Togo (UL / LARPSAD). After a participatory approach involving the different stakeholders, a system has been tested and validated.

A methodological and pedagogical manual was produced on this basis in December 2014. It is based on the Social Return on Investment (SROI) tool. ”

Read the manual online (in French)

Also available on the F3E website


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