Supporting NGOs for the integration of a gender perspective in projects, within the framework of Fisong 2020 One Health, resulted in a collective training of 5 online sessions in October 2020, and a handbook, developed by Brigitte Bagnol and Sabine Martel, available online on the F3E website.

This includes many definitions (gender and sex, gender roles, access and control, condition and position, empowerment, independance, etc.), tools (matrix of activities, clock, annual calendar, decision-making analysis, participatory mapping, Venn diagram, etc.), resources and references. It points out why it is important to take sex and gender into account in human health issues, and provides examples, such as Ebola hemorrhagic fever. During the sessions a focus was made on the integration of the gender approach in governance, which is also included in the handbook.

Access the handbook (in French) online 


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